About Yael Cahane-Shadmi

Commercial translator, translating from English into Hebrew and specializing in marketing, economics and fashion.

Translates lectures simultaneously from Hebrew into English by typing the translation, which is projected onto a screen for the audience, to be read in real time.

Commercial translation instructor at the translation studies program, Beit Berl College.

BA in Economics and East Asian Studies and Translation & Revision diploma, both from Tel Aviv University. Worked as an in-house translator at one of Israel's major daily financial newspapers.

Member of Israel Translators' Association (ITA) and the American Translators Association (ATA). Recognized translator by the ITA (no. 93). Former ITA Executive Committee member (2012-2017) and Deputy Chair (2013-2017).

My translation of Beauty Bites Beast by Ellen Snortland came out in March 2016, published by El Halev non-profit organization and Geffen Publishing.

Interested in languages, Japan, cooking and baking, sewing, Pilates, escape rooms and social dancing.

See my English blog, The Translation Corner, here.

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